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MEL Europe

This Erasmus+ project offers a series of creative learning opportunities which will further feed into Ubele’s vision of creating a dynamic and expanded cohort of Black and Minoritised social leaders.

Ubele's report, “A Place to Call Home”, 2015, identified a growing social leadership gap due to ageing community leaders, loss of community spaces and a lack of emerging leaders from Black and Minoritised communities. However, the evidence from Ubele's European mobilities alongside learning derived from interventions such as Mali Enterprising Leaders (UK), demonstrate that targeted programmes which are culturally appropriate will be utilised by Black and Minoritised communities and can lead to much higher levels of participation and social inclusion.

By offering a safe and yet exploratory learning space, our adult learners will be able to reflect, develop new skills and share best European practice. 

Participants who have been on earlier programmes will further hone their knowledge and skills and be able to transfer processes learnt to their respective organisations and communities. Enhancing learners’ knowledge and competencies (in social leadership, financial management, systems thinking, facilitation skills, operational activities and strategic planning) will add value to MEL (UK) by providing additional tools for social change, devising new projects, managing social enterprise finance, and creating learning programmes to build the resilience and inclusion of marginalised communities, including asylum-seekers and refugees.

MEL Europe will offer 11 courses in Europe & 20 fellowships.

What are MEL Europe Fellowships?

We aim to enrich the experience of 20 Black and Minoritised changemakers, by providing a fully funded (flights, accommodation, food, internal travel) 12-day job shadowing opportunity within an organisation in Europe. 

The Ubele Fellows will either pick one of the 12 organised fellowships or design a programme they wish to explore around one of our areas of work namely: Arts, Cultural Preservation, Community Development, Youth Work, Migrants Support, Human Rights, Advocacy, Enterprise, Education, Environment & Climate Change, Health & Wellbeing, Science & Technology.

Fellows will undergo a holistic journey in which they will gain knowledge, cultural sensitivity, skills in adaptability, problem solving and self-sufficiency which will allow them to develop both professionally and personally. On their return, we will support them to share their learning with communities across the UK.

Any UK adult citizen can apply, regardless of qualifications, age or background. They are chosen not for their past achievements, but for the power of their ideas and their potential to lead change.

The applications are now closed.

MEL Europe is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

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