Social Impact Assessment Report 2021 - 2022

February 2023 - By Ezra Blondel

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Discover how The Ubele Initiative is making a real difference in and with communities and organisations in our Social Impact Assessment Report for 2021-2022. As an organisation, we are proud to showcase our achievements and the positive outcomes we've delivered for individuals, groups, and the wider civil society. Despite the challenges, we have continued to provide support to community-led organisations representing Black and racially minoritised groups, with the goal of enhancing their resilience and sustainability.

We feel fortunate to be able to design and deliver a unique portfolio of work which is innovative, imaginative, and yet challenging to us as facilitators, systems changers, to policy makers, those involved in leading other organisations and programmes and the communities that we seek to serve. 

We hope you enjoy reading and using the report

Read the Report

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