WISE WOMEN on wheels


Wise Women on Wheels (WWoW) was our incubation project in 2017 (March-October). It was an exciting collaboration between Rockstone Community Foundation and the Ubele Initiative which supported Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women over the age of 45 in cycling proficiency.

This Tottenham based project involved older BME women learning the Model Traffic Area (MTA) to improve their cycling confidence and basic bike awareness. There were three cycles of a 10-week programme with at least 12 older BME people in each round. Groups were meeting on Saturday mornings. 

WWoW included:

- repair and maintenance workshops to learn more about their bikes; this element was offered by the Rockstone Community Foundation who have an info-shop based in the North of Lordship Recreational Ground.

It is central to Ubele’s ethos to work collaboratively with other organisations. Rockstone offered bike maintenance workshops to the BME women in the borough using the AQA qualification in Bike maintenance as a template for the training.

- health assessments throughout the programme to monitor the women’s BMI and blood pressure.

- learning on how to be safe on the road with hand signalling, manoeuvring, primary and secondary positioning along with many other aspects of cycling. 

The women were able to see the benefits of being on the programme can have on their health. 

Intergenerational aspect:

Another element of Ubele’s work is its focus on intergenerational work. There were 2 female volunteer Bikeability cyclists from University College London who assisted in the facilitation of the riding programme. Having a cross generational element was beneficial to both parties getting to work with people they may not usually interact with. 

Wise Women on Wheels was an exciting project which brought fun and innovative approaches to the local community in Tottenham through the lens of cycling.