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Black to the Future II was visiting Munich last week

October 23rd, 2019

Black to the Future (BTTF II) is a 24 months strategic partnership and inter-generational project for youth workers from the African Diaspora in Munich, Rotterdam, Lisbon and Manchester. It is the follow up of 'BLACK TO THE FUTURE (2017-2018) - A Sankofa approach to the exchange of youth work practice‘. BTTF II is co-funded by European Commission within the Erasmus+ Programme.  

We were in Munich from 15th to 19th October 2019 exploring youth work practices. Up next, Rotterdam at the beginning of 2020!

Here’s a poem from Angeli, one of the participants:


Angeli Sweeney

M - Many bikes of 2 wheeled transport abound

U - Unlike any place or city I have this far found

N - Nicely neat in parts, yet full of the lost

I - Interested to know what do Black bodies cost?

C - Because culturally, it is a melting pot

H - But how well does Munich cook together?


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