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Wise Women Wellness: Achieving Life Work Balance

April 22nd, 2019


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Six women will work together in a pilot scheme based on the wellbeing  wheel in an innovative workshop  - “Achieving Life Work Balance”, to create a personal self-care plan  and improve their health and mental wellbeing  in a supportive group.

Wise Women Wellness is one of our latest projects funded by Lambeth’s Wellbeing Fund. This  innovative project is aiding a small group of women of diverse multicultural heritage  in Brixton, Lambeth to combine six elements of wellbeing into a personal self-care plan.

Champion each other

“The aim is to equip women to recognise if they are maybe at risk of burning out, learn the skills to recognise it and prevent it, ”says project leader Sharon Brooks. “This is a great opportunity for women in Brixton to champion each other in pursuit of health and wellbeing goals. I coach women who want to start businesses or move up the career ladder. When everyone’s set a goal and needs time to listen, groups of six have proved the most effective size”.

Isolation and community

“..over 100 projects applied for funding from the Wellbeing Fund and 18 of the successful bidders were individual or charities. Wise Women Wellness submission focused on overcoming isolation among women of diverse multi-ethnic heritage and creating a community hub. If the pilot is a success, I’d like to bring in more self-counselling programmes.”

Achieving Life Work Balance is a free seven week 'Self-Care Coaching Circle’ workshop  where women will learn empowering and simple self-reflective tools to set work/life balance goals, boost confidence and reduce stress, create a self-care plan and join a supportive coaching group to help them stay focused.

For more information

·         To register: this free training  will run 3 times within the year and is limited to 6 women 19+ living or working in Lambeth.  The first workshop starts 27th April at Eurolink, Effra Road SW2. Book via Eventbrite

·         The Six-factor Model of Psychological Well-being is a theory not just based on being happy but on achieving a state of balance.

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