wise women wellness


Wise Women Wellness seeks to enhance the health and mental well-being of African, Caribbean & Multi-Ethnic women by creating a community women hub to:

- alleviate loneliness or feelings of isolation, build self-confidence and self-worth

- empower women through self development & Leadership training to:

Wise Women Wellness will host quarterly motivational, fun-themed and educational social gatherings which will have an invited guest that will include an inspirational female guest speakers sharing their success story of overcoming challenges in their life and also healthcare practitioners or leaders of recreational activities giving tips, advice or demonstrations on how to best manage diet, physical fitness and mental well-being.

The events are organised by women volunteers wanting to give back in the community using their experience or various skills including admin, social media and marketing. The aim will be to:

- Facilitate the connection of a growing community of diverse women, for meet ups friendships and supportive networks to flourish in a safe, uplifting and nurturing space.

- Bring about awareness of events & services in Lambeth and surrounding boroughs that would further enhance women’ well-being.

Wise Women Wellness is funded by Lambeth Wellbeing Fund.

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