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European Summer School

Our project - European Summer School: Towards Resilient Communities - provided training in community leadership and capacity building to small, mainly Black and Minoritised organisations.  

The 6 training courses provided new frameworks and skills to create social inclusion and active citizenship in order to increase the employability and competitiveness of our most disadvantaged groups, including asylum-seekers and refugees. 

The project was delivered by a consortium of 4 organisations who came together in 2016-17 to design and deliver a KA1 Adult Education programme called 'Creating resilient communities through social leadership'.  

Quotes from project contributors

It was a good experience and I enjoyed Action Learning course, especially meeting people from different organisations and parts of the world. I learnt how to ask and answer questions through the process of questioning someone and giving them the opportunity to find answers themselves. Additionally, I appreciated taking action as part of a team - not as an individual. The training gave me the opportunity to evaluate my group back home and how it works and how we will move forward in order to build capacity.” 

— Action Learning Course participant

Quotes from project contributors

“What has impacted me so much is the experience of being with other people, sharing experiences and learning so much from other participants. This has inspired me to do what I want to do as I’ve seen what other people have achieved, starting from nothing, trying, failing, trying again and always believing it’s possible to achieve our dreams. Especially with partnerships.” 

— Theory U Course participant

READ: ESS Evaluation Report 


This project was delivered between November 2017 and January 2019 and co-funded by European Commission within Erasmus+ Programme. 

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